2020 Adventure Tour of Colorado

Let's Go on an Adventure Together


This tour is about getting to know Colorado on a heart racing level. Join me as we climb breathtaking mountain passes and camp under the stars. Let’s ride ATVs, shoot guns, and drink whiskey by the campfire. Let’s explore abandoned ghost towns, raft down raging rivers, and ride horses in the Wild West. Let’s do this.

I was born here. Colorado is my home. Join me and my friend, Matt, to get a personal look at the Centennial State through the eyes of a local. We have countless hours of experience adventuring in Colorado’s wonderful wilderness. Anyone can show you Denver or Boulder. Let us show you the real, natural Colorado.

Tour details

  • 14 nights/15 days – seven nights in tents, seven under roofs
  • Maximum of 10 people per tour (plus two guides)
  • Tour guests must be 21 years of age or older (thanks, U.S. drinking laws)
  • Total distance hiking: 59.5 kilometers (37 miles)
Snow-capped mountains against a blue sky in Colorado

Rainbow over a red rock outcropping against a cloudy sky

Activities included in the tour

  • Trek the Four Pass Loop
  • White water rafting
  • Exploring the Black Canyon of the Gunnison
  • ATV riding
  • Shooting guns
  • Horseback riding
  • Fishing
  • ‘A Perfect Day in Denver’ Tour

15-Day Itinerary

August 1st: Welcome to Denver - Orientation
Welcome to Colorado!

We will all meet at Mile High House Hostel in the afternoon to have a quick orientation, hand out gear, get to know each other, and eat a delicious dinner. This will be a relaxed evening – the calm before the storm.

Lodging: Mile High House Hostel in Denver
Travel Time: Zero

August 2nd: 'A Perfect Day in Denver' Tour
Today is going to be a wild one.

We’ll complete my ‘Perfect Day in Denver’ and wear ourselves out in the Mile High City. We can’t drink all the beer in the city, but, damnit, we can try.

Lodging: Mile High House Hostel in Denver
Travel Time: Zero

August 3rd: Explore Rocky Mountain National Park
Time to hit the mountains.

We will drive through stunning Rocky Mountain National Park en route to picturesque Grand Lake. We’ll spend the afternoon fishing, kayaking on the lake, and wandering the town. Life is good.

Camping: Stillwater Pass Dispersed Camping
Travel Time: Three hours

August 4th: Hike to Gore Lake for an Overnighter
Let’s hike to a crazy-beautiful lake.

We will backpack to Gore Lake, just outside of Vail to fish, throw the frisbee, set up camp, and watch the sun set over the spectacular backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Camping: Gore Lake Camping
Travel Time: Two hours
Hiking Distance: 9 kilometers (5.6 miles)

August 5th: A Relaxed Day in Breckenridge
Time to Chill.

We will make our way back to the van in the morning and make our way to Breckenridge. We’ll have a relaxed day in town, visit a marijuana dispensary, taste some local beer, and finish the night with a ghost tour.

Lodging: Bivvi Hostel or AirBnb
Travel time: One hour
Hiking distance: 9 kilometers (5.6 miles)

August 6th: Whitewater Rafting in Vail
Let’s hit some rapids.

Back to Vail we go for some world-class white water rafting. We will barbecue at a friend’s cabin and return to Breckenridge for a relaxed evening. Time to pack for the trek of a lifetime.

Lodging: Bivvi Hostel or AirBnb
Travel time: One hour

August 7th: Day One: Four Pass Loop Trek
Strap on that backpack — it’s go time.

It’s time to embark on Colorado’s most stunning trek. We will rise before the sun and knock out Buckskin Pass, the first of four breathtaking 12,000-foot passes. The trek is going to kick your ass in the best way possible.

Camping: Maroon-Snowmass Wilderness
Travel time: Two and a half hours
Hiking distance: 9.7 kilometers (6 miles)

August 8th: Day Two: Four Pass Loop Trek
Hitting our stride.

We will conquer pass #2: Trail Rider Pass. On the way, we will stop for lunch at the crystal-clear Snowmass Lake. Get the fishing pole out and soak it in — it doesn’t get much better than this.

Camping: Maroon-Snowmass Wilderness
Travel time: Zero
Hiking distance: 11.3 kilometers (7 miles)

August 9th: Day Three: Four Pass Loop Trek
Ready to hike your ass off?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you: day three will be the most strenuous journey of the whole tour. We will finish the final two passes of the trek — Frigid Air and West Maroon Pass — before heading to our hotel and collapsing in exhausted joy.

Camping: Maroon-Snowmass Wilderness
Travel time: Zero
Hiking distance: 19.3 kilometers (12 miles)

August 10th: Explore the Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Ever been to the Grand Canyon? This is better.

Bold black walls of rock launch over 600 meters (2000 feet) into the sky — the product of 500-million-plus years of nature doing its work. It is your choice whether to camp at the top or make the steep hike to set up shop by the river below —  we will divide and conquer.

Camping: The top or the bottom of the canyon, your choice
Travel time: Two hours and 45 minutes
Optional hiking distance: 1 kilometer (.6 miles) of insanely steep descent

August 11th: A Relaxed Day in Durango
Rest those weary legs.

Time for a much deserved day of rest (and freedom). Let’s check out Durango, the cultural center of southwestern Colorado. Breweries, fishing, hiking, tubing, live music, the Animas River — do whatever the hell you want — the choice is yours.

Lodging: AirBnb
Travel time: Two hours and 45 minutes
Optional hiking distance: 1 kilometer (.6 miles) of insanely steep ascent (for those who camped at the bottom of the canyon)

August 12th: Horseback Riding and Cliff Jumping
Giddy-up, ladies and gentleman. It’s time to get that blood pumping.

Our day will start at Rapp Corral, where we will hop on some horses and gallop around the picturesque countryside. Afterwards, we will cool down and have a barbecue at Adrenaline Falls — a heart-racing waterfall jump and watering hole surrounded by stoic mountains.

Lodging: AirBnb
Travel time: Two hours

August 13th: Explore Great Sand Dunes National Park
This really exists in Colorado?

The next stage of the journey will take us to Great Sand Dunes National Park. We will explore the giant rolling hills of sand that stretch for miles and are flanked by the surreal Sangre de Cristo Mountains. There will be more fishing, hiking, barbecuing, camping, beer and general shenanigans. Life sure is tough.

Camping: Sacred White Shell Mountain Campgrounds
Travel time: Three hours

August 14th: Ride ATVs and Shoot Guns in Fairplay
We’re going out with a bang, damnit.

You will never feel cooler than you do when you are cruising down bumpy mountain trails surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks, stopping to fire off some occasional target practice. You’ll feel like a modern day Wyatt Earp (without all the murdering). Trust me.

Lodging: Hotel in Fairplay
Travel time: Three hours

August 15th: The Return to Reality
All good things must come to an end.

We will make the bittersweet drive back to Denver, reminiscing about what was surely a wild ride. I will drop everyone off at Union Station in the mid-afternoon. Life will never be the same.

Travel Time: One and a half hours

Explorers Wanted!

One look at the itinerary and you will see that this tour will be an adventure packed two weeks. That being said, it’s important that we find the right type of people to join us on this trip. We are looking for people that are:

  • Nature lovers, eager to spend multiple days and nights in the sometimes unpredictable wilderness
  • Willing to take risks and understand that even the best plans can change unexpectedly
  • Flexible, spontaneous, and drama-free
  • Reasonably physically fit and somewhat experienced hikers who are willing to carry their own gear
  • Ready to step outside their comfort zone and embrace the unknown
  • Positive and kind-spirited

As life-changing as this trip will be, it is probably not for everyone. If you have read the itinerary and think you might be a great addition to the crew, then we would love to hear from you. I will talk to everyone that applies for the trip to ensure that it’s a good fit on both ends.


Total cost: $2850
10% discount ($285!) for the first two people that sign up
5% discount if paid up front (otherwise a $900 deposit due at booking)
Everyone that signs up gets a free Tenacious Travel t-shirt
I will start taking reservations on November 1st, 2018

What's included in the tour cost?
• Usually three meals a day
• All lodging
• All transportation
• Entrance and permit costs
• Rental of tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads
• Fishing licenses

What's not included in the tour cost?
• Flights and transportation to and from Denver
• Travel insurance
• Visa and/or passport fees
• Alcohol when we are dining together at restaurants
• Tips for staff

10 Spots Left!

How to Book

Please fill out this form if you are interested in booking a spot on the tour. Tell me a little about yourself and why you’d be a great fit on the tour. Look forward to hearing from you!

Man looking off to the horizon as he stands atop a mountain